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WASCZ First Online Orchestra - Hope Blossoms between Steps



WASCZ First Online Orchestra - Hope Blossoms between Steps
The pause button has been pressed due to the sudden epidemic situation. In order to encourage pupils to practice their instruments at home and make sense of these difficult times, the Music department at WASCZ organized the first “Wycombe Abbey Online Orchestra” for instrumental pupils with the new ensemble piece ‘Six Steps Forward’, created by composition teacher Mr. Knight. In two short weeks, we received 62 recordings from different instrumental pupils. With Mr. Knight’s elaborate edit, we now offer this to all of our pupils, parents, and whole school staff.
‘Yi Bu Zhi Yao ’ is a famous Chinese idiom: it means that we are very close to success. The number ‘six’ stands for good luck, happiness and good health, and reaching our targets successfully. Based on the beautiful wishes of these Chinese words, Mr. Knight named this piece ‘Liu Bu Zhi Yao (Six Steps Forward)’. We hope this piece can bring beautiful wishes to our pupils and staff and convey this idea: Hope will keep blossoming between each step we take. Although we face many difficulties, as long as we take each step firmly, we will reach success!

We are not there yet, but we will be! We also look forward to going back to our lovely campus soon and having the opportunity to perform this piece in each other’s company!

  常州威雅公学(Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou)是COBIS认证成员,招收3-18周岁学生,无国籍和户籍限制,并对6岁以上学生开放寄宿。学校采用小班制教学,在幼儿园阶段遵循英国早期教育课程体系,在浸润式英文环境中为孩子提供互动式学习体验;在九年制义务教育阶段以中国国家课程为核心,融中西方文化为一体,为学生提供双语教育,通过探究式的学习方法打好坚实的学科基础;高中阶段提供全球范围内广受认可的IGCSE和A Level课程,并获得了培生爱德思和剑桥国际考试委员会考试中心的双授权。遵循全人教育传统,学校还注重学生的人格培养,通过音乐艺术教育以及各项高品质的课外课程,帮助学生今后顺利进入世界名校,并在日益国际化的社会中取得成功。
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