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One to One information sessions with 20+ Top University Representatives


April 17th, 2021

2021 BE Top Universities Admissions Expo

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Connect online with admissions officers from many elite institutions.

A must-attend for those interested in UK universities!


We have invited prestigious universities such as University College London, King's College London, University of Exeter, University of Birmingham, and the University of Sheffield.

The school representatives will speak about their admissions requirements and explain how candidates are assessed and selected. Students and parents will also have a chance to consult the officers one-on-one.




Profile of Some Participants



University College London 

2021 QS UK University Ranking: 4

·       University College London (UCL) is a world-renowned research university. It is ranked Top 20 globally on multiple university rankings and has 35 Nobel Prize laureates among its alumni.

·       UCL is ranked #1 in the UK in the medical, computer science, law, economics, archaeology subjects; its research in the field of artificial intelligence is particularly acclaimed.




King's College London 

2021 QS UK University Ranking: 4

·       One of the most selective institutions of higher education in Britain, King's College London is a distinguished research university and a founding member of the Russell Group.

·       It is a research-oriented institution with a wide range of courses. KCL enjoys world-class renown for its humanities, social sciences, law, and medical subjects.




Lancaster University 

2021 QS UK University Ranking: 20

·       Lancaster University is a prestigious higher education institution and research university in the world. It has been recognized as an outstanding public research university in the UK and has an excellent academic reputation. Lancaster University formed the N8 Research Partnership with Durham University, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, University of Manchester, and others.




University of Exeter 

2021 QS UK University Ranking: 24

·       A member of the Russell Group, University of Exeter is a world leader in research.

·       Their best disciplines include accounting and finance, business and management, economics, sports science, medical technology, theatre, sociology, politics, materials engineering, and minerals engineering.




University of Bath

2021 QS UK University Ranking: 25

·       Due to its excellent reputation, leading teaching quality, and research accomplishments, the University of Bath is frequently ranked among Top 10 of the UK's public universities. The Guardian ranked Bath #6 in its 2020 University Guide.

·       It is School of Management has two EU business school accreditations, and its Accounting and Finance major is consistently #1 in the UK.



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Q:Does this event have an entrance fee?

A:Hello, this event itself is free, but we charge a fee of 500RMB for the pre-test. Testing is free for a limited time this month.

Q:Why do we need to take a pre-test?

A:The school has entrusted BE Education to pre-test the students in order to know more about the child’s learning level. The test will generate a detailed report, which will serve as a reference to the school. This is an essential part of applying to a British secondary school.


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