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2020 BE Top Schools

2020 BE Top Schools
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As more parents are choosing to provide their kids an overseas, internationalized education, English secondary schools are of particular interest among Chinese families. The depth of a traditional English education, idyllic and safe campus environment, emphasis on “holistic student growth”, as well as—of course—considerable acceptance rates to elite global universities, have garnered parents’ favour. However, the application process to top English secondary schools may seem daunting and complex. Even seeing an admissions officer traditionally requires cross-globe travel!

This year, COVID-19’s global impact has increased uncertainty surrounding the application cycle even further. Quarantine restrictions demand extra time and energy for everyone.

But fear not, for the perfect opportunity has arrived!

The 2020 BE Top Schools offline events will begin in September. Around 20 top schools will be directly recruiting Chinese students from ages 7-15.


Schools including Radley College (on par with renowned institutions such as Eton and Harrow), Princess Kate’s alma mater Marlborough College, and the proclaimed “Garden of Queens” Queenswood School will be present.



Admissions officers will be sharing different schools’ advantages and application requirements. Parents can gain in-depth insight as to what life at an English secondary school is really like, as well as what kind of student each school favours. They will also provide answers to their most pressing study abroad questions, and the opportunity for potential candidates to be interviewed one-on-one!



For potential students, this is an incredible opportunity to present yourself in front of an admissions officer!

Let’s take a look at some of the schools which will be present~


All the top schools in attendance are very eye-catching

Radley College

Radley College, located on 800 acres of land in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, is one of only four all-boys’ boarding schools in the UK, and is as well renowned as Eton, Harrow, and Winchester College.



Radley’s traditional soul and top-caliber academics are reflected in its plethora of classes and research-spirit-filled student body. The school provides dedicated Oxbridge application guidance, with an Oxbridge matriculation rate of about 17-18% every year.

Radley strives to instill the kind, moral, thoughtful, confident, firm, character and behavior of old-school gentlemen in its students.




Located in Hertfordshire, a suburb of London, Queenswood School is a reputable boarding school established in 1894 for girls ages 11-18.



Queenswood’s philosophy places Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education at its core, where each student is nurtured in all aspects and strives to become a “citizen who contributes positively to society”.

Due to its commendable A-level results, Queenswood has earned the “Excellent School” distinction four times in five years, with the Good Schools Guide describing it as a “place all girls strive for”.


Marlborough College

Marlborough College is a co-ed boarding school located in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, about 49 miles from London.



In the 200 years since inception, much royalty has come out of Marlborough: England’s Princess Kate, Princess Eugenie of York, Samantha, wife of former Prime Minister David Cameron, and more.



Marlborough’s excellence isn’t limited to academics—it equally values music, theater, arts, and community service. Athletics are an even more indispensable component of students’ lives. Boys generally discover a love for football, basketball, and cricket, while girls excel in field hockey and tennis.












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